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Excel Sports Medicine - Sports Physiotherapy has expertise across a multitude of sporting arenas. 


We understand the extremes sports people push their bodies to in an effort to improve performance and achieve results.  Understanding that there is no normal in sports; we push the boundaries in rehab so you can safely in the feild.



A number of services are available to sporting groups; club affiliations can be arranged to offering your athletes access to, club rates, club education sessions, game day onsite services, pre game taping, post match injury clinics ect.



Excel Sports Medicine Athlete Sponsorships


Excel Sports offers sponsorship packages to up and coming young athletes, we currently have one representing Australia in Hockey and a past athlete has swapped his College Basketball Scholarship for an AFL contract! 


We also extend sponsorship to clubs and are currently patrons of 3195 Mordy Muscle - a local strength and conditioning facility.


If you would like to discuss a sponsorship please contact us.