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APA Sports Physiotherapy Services


APA Sports Physiotherapists have a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy, plus many years experience working with elite and sub elite sporting teams before the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) consider the application and grant them the title.  


An APA Sports Physiotherapist is an expert in assessing, diagnosing and treating sports injuries. Not all physiotherapists' working in Sports Medicine Facilities are APA Sports Physiotherapists.


To gain an edge over your competitors and get back on the field quickly, without an increased risk of re-injury, then you should consult an APA Sports Physiotherapist.  Your body deserves the best so you can perform to your potential. Why trust it to anyone else?


Injury Diagnosis, Treatment and Management plans


At Excel Sports Medicine your injury will be assessed with your  training and sports specific demands in mind. 


A diagnosis will be provided and a  treatment/management plan will be formulated in conjunction with your short and long term goals. 


Time frames will be set for getting back to certain levels of function. Effective treatment will be provided and the patient will understand what each session is designed to achieve.  


Patient compliance and participation is an integral part of rehabilitating sporting injuries. We are commited 100% to achieving your goals and expect the same from our patients.   


Communication with coaches and other medical professionals is all part of the service.



Training modification


Excel Sports Medicine Sports Physiotherapy understands the importance of ongoing training to maintain your fitness /conditioning throughout injury. 


Working with coaches, support staff and athletes, training modifications are made allowing you to continue whilst rehabilitating your injury.  In most cases, reduced time away from sporting movements decreases your risk of re - injury.


Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates is a method by which many sports people remain strong and balanced throughout their bodies.  Each athlete is inpidually assessed and a specific program designed. 


Clinical Pilates is a great injury prevention and performance enhancement tool.  Prevention programs are able to be tailored to each inpidual and their particular sport.   Clinical Pilates may also be used as part of your injury rehabilitation routine.


Dry needling


Sharon Wilkins also has a diploma in Myofascial and Trigger Point Therapy and has been successfully performing dry needling over the last 17 years. 


Dry needling  targets zones of tightening in muscles in a way that general muscle release cannot.  It allows the athlete to maintain muscular balance, maximising performance, promoting free movement and preventing injury.



Athlete screening/injury prevention /performance maximisation

Excel Sports Medicine Sports Physiotherapy recognises the impact of injuries over the lifetime of an athlete and prefers to prevent them when possible. 


Sports specific musculoskeletal screening prior to commencement of training blocks or competition allows for identification of areas that are susceptible to injury.   This service is open to inpiduals and teams alike.


Taping and Bracing

All forms of taping/strapping and bracing are available. Offering structural support or encouraging correct muscle activation can get you back on the field safely sooner.


Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS)

Used in the treatment of fractures or bone stress to speed recovery.


Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

A diagnostic tool used to view muscle recruitment patters and condition in real time, at the clinic, whilst you move.